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Privacy Policy

Sometimes, SUSU LGBT+ collects personal information. This is how we'll use it.

SUSU LGBT+ is committed to protecting the privacy of members, in accordance with (and sometimes beyond) the law. This policy applies to "personal data" - any data that we (or someone else) could link to a living person. All members of the SUSU LGBT+ committee will abide by this policy, and breaches of the policy by other members may be grounds for expulsion from the society.

General Principles

In general, SUSU LGBT+ will:

  1. Treat members' data fairly, and in accordance with the law.
  2. Do our best to protect members' privacy by preventing membership of the society, or attendance at our events, being disclosed to people from outside the society unless the members concerned are happy for that to happen.
  3. Be open and transparent about why we store and how we use personal data.
  4. Do our best to keep personal data safe, secure and up-to-date.
  5. Make reasonable provisions to ensure that no member is unable to take part in the society because of privacy concerns.

What data do we collect?

When you join our Facebook group

When you join our Facebook group, Facebook shares your name and other public profile information with us. We'll never make a copy of the group membership list and will never process this information for any purpose other than determining the number of people in the group or, in some limited circumstances (for instance in accordance with our safe space policy) checking whether a particular member is part of the group.

We will never share information about the group's membership with anyone from outside the group.

When you submit a "Request for Introduction"

Our website allows you to send a "Request for Introduction" to the committee. The information that you enter will only be used for the purpose of arranging to meet with you prior to an event. This information is deleted at most 60 days after we receive it, and will never be disclosed outside of the committee.

When you register to vote at the AGM

As explained in our constitution, only people who appear on our voting list are eligible to vote at the annual general meeting (or termly general meetings). Details of the voting list will be published before each meeting. The list will be retained securely and shared only with other committee members. The list will be destroyed after the meeting that it was collected for has taken place.

When you sign up to an event

We sometimes require that you sign up in order to attend a particular event (for instance trips). We will only require you to provide personal data where there is an administrative requirement to do so (for instance to provide tickets or so that we know who to wait for at the train station).

Sometimes these lists are publicly accessible, but if they are then this will be clear when you enter your details. We'll never make a private list publicly accessible at a later date. Once an event has taken place and the list is no longer required, it will be deleted.

If you want to attend an event but have privacy concerns about the type of signup list that's being used then you should contact a member of the committee to arrange an alternative.

How do we store your data?

Data that you submit through this website is stored in a secure server within the University of Southampton network. Data are stored only for as long as they are required to complete the task for which they were collected.

We will never share or transfer personal data outside of the committee except with the clear consent of the data subjects, which may be given implicitly at the time the data were collected if such a transfer was disclosed clearly at that point.

We will avoid the use of third-party services for data collection and processing (for instance Google or Facebook) where a viable alternative exists within the University network. We will never transfer personal data that were initially collected via a service on the University network to a third party service for storage or processing.

Who can you contact?

You have the right to see what data we hold about you, and the right to correct it if it is inaccurate. You also have the right to ask about how we are using it and, in some circumstances, to ask us to stop processing it.

For queries about the data we hold, please contact the Technical Officer in the first instance. Alternatively, you may contact any other member of the committee. Contact details can be found on the About page of the website.