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Coming Up

26 th September 2018 11:00

Freshers Bunfight

Jubilee Sports Hall

The Bunfight returns for another year. Come and meet some of the committee and pick up some information on the events we're running across Freshers, as well as how to join the society's social media groups.

01 st October 2018 19:30

Welcome to the Society Talk

02/1089 (L/T D)

Join the committee at 19:30 for a relaxed talk about the society! It's a great opportunity to meet us and your fellow freshers, and learn about the society and what's coming up in the year ahead. The talk will be followed by a trip to The Stags pub on campus. A few committee members will be posted around to help people find the room, so if you haven't been to the music department before then meet at 19:15 by the Students' Union!

It can be scary coming to an event for the first time, so get in touch with a committee member if you have any questions, are not sure where to go or would simply like to meet someone before hand! You can find a list of committee members on our website here: https://lgbt.susu.org/about/.

03 rd October 2018 20:00

SUSU LGBT+ White T Shirt Social

Starting at The Stags

Starting at The Stags on campus, we will be travelling to Southampton's gay club, The Edge, via The Mitre and The Hobbit. Most importantly, remember your white t-shirt and marker pens, so that you can be decorated in life-affirming compliments (… well, you can imagine) by your fellow society members.

Our plan is as follows:

8pm - meet at The Stags on Highfield Campus
9pm - leave The Stags and walk to The Mitre
10pm - Leave The Mitre and walk to The Hobbit
11pm (ish) - Walk to The Edge

If you have any questions just get in touch with a committee member; for a list of who we are, look here - https://lgbt.susu.org/about/