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Extraordinary General Meeting


EGM: 7pm, Monday 14th of October

If you would like to vote you MUST REGISTER as a voting member of the society, which can be done on our website.


  • The chair will welcome those present to the meeting and start with the proceedings
  • Elections for the new committee will then proceed, following this procedure:
    • Role by role all candidates will stand in front of the room, introduce themselves, and make a short speech about why they should be elected. Speeches will be given in the following order: Vice President, Winchester Officer, Events Officer and Publicity Officer.
    • The floor will then be opened for questions towards the candidates; these can either be directed towards a specific candidate (in regards to a point in their manifesto or speech) or towards all candidates.
    • Candidates will then be asked to vacate the room whilst those registered to vote cast their votes (candidates are welcome to vote for the role in which they are running, please do so as you leave the room). All candidates will run against RON (re-open nominations), this exists as an option for voters if they do not wish to vote for any of the candidates.
    • Candidates will then be welcomed back into the room and the chair will announce who has been elected.
  • The chair will then close the EGM


There are a total of 4 open positions: Vice President, Winchester Officer, Events Officer and Publicity Officer.

All candidates should read our constitution which gives a breakdown of how the society works and the responsibilities of each committee member. It is also advisable that potential committee members familiarise themselves with the Society’s safe space policy.

  • If you are going to run for WINCHESTER OFFICER, then you must be studying at the Winchester School of Art.
  • At the EGM on Monday 14th of October you will need to give a short speech introducing yourself and outlining the main points in you manifesto. You will also need to answer questions from society members (if there are any). If you are unable to attend, then please include a short piece in your email that can be read out on your behalf.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can chat to any of the current committee members about their roles if you have any queries or would like any advice.